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Don't tell me I Never Gave You Anything

Expanded Bible

Don't tell me I never gave you anything.

Well...technically, I'm not the one giving it - HAVEN Today is.

You might remember in my email last month I talked about the expanded Bible project.  No doubt as you've been listening to HAVEN Today over the last few days you've gotten a glimpse into what it's all about.  However, as much as I love radio, when you're talking about a new concept in studying the Bible, it just really helps to have the actual text in front of you.  With that in mind, HAVEN has graciously posted on their site the entire Gospel of  John.  You can download it here for FREE.  

You can also encourage your listeners to download it for FREE and take a look - perhaps even encourage some dialog with listeners.  Does it bother you to have the commentary [bracketed] in the text?  Do you like having the helps so readily available?  Do you think this would be helpful in your devotional reading?

Did I mention it was FREE?

BTW - You can download the HAVEN Today Music Report for July 09 here.

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