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Harvest Impacting Lives!

While some reflected on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this past weekend, I joined those who attended and prayed for the 20th anniversary of the Harvest Crusade in Southern California.  


Among the nearly 30,000 crowd on Friday night (126,000 total for the weekend!), I enjoyed the uplifting music from the Katinas and Third Day.  I was also challenged by Greg Laurie’s message about Solomon and his search for meaning in life . . . about the answers in life that we receive through a relationship with God.  Great reminders for the believers . . . impacting truth for those who don’t know Christ!  

Whether among the Harvest attendees in So Cal or joining with those who listened to the Crusade on radio via Amb-OS, though Woodstock may be referred to as the “concert that defined an era,” the message shared at Harvest is the one that changes lives!





I attended a Harvest Crusade a year after I accepted Christ. The following year, I took my father to the Crusade and shared with him my testimony. I remembering praying that he would make the decision to go forward that night.

Nineteen years later, a heart by-pass surgery five years ago, attending church with my brother the past two years, and reading his Bible daily, at age 79 my dad has made a decision for Christ. He may not have gone forward that night at the Crusade, but I believe the Gospel message was heard and has now changed his life for eternity.

My dad will be baptized this Sunday!

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