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Worth a Second Look

Once a month I clean out my "Sent" and "Deleted" files in Outlook.  Do you ever take a second look at old emails?  Back and forths you had forgotten about, agendas of meetings long gone?  I like when I rediscover a really good story or a link to a video -- I'm reminded of the first time I got it and am glad to renew the encounter. 

Such was the case when I ran across this video from Pete Briscoe (speaker for "Telling the Truth").  Pete says, "I Am Second..." and thus encourages us all to look to Who is First.  Take a moment to see it for yourself and then get the latest from the teaching ministry of Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe -- "Telling the Truth." 

Refreshment for Women in Ministry

Jill Briscoe teaching at WYLL Event

Jill Briscoe was pleased to join the celebration for TTT partner station WYLL-AM (Chicago) - celebrating twenty years of Christian radio this fall!  Jill was speaker for a "Women in Ministry" luncheon on August 27th.


JBU Magazine

Magazine Giveaways for October Appreciation

Looking for ways to encourage the pastor's wife in October during Pastor's Appreciation Month?  We can help you give away free copies of a magazine made just for women in ministry - Just Between Us(Contact Katie)


Cost-Free Weekend in Waco

Jill will be in Waco, Texas September 11th-12th for "Just Give Me Jesus" - a free event for women to experience life-changing revival.

Telling the Truth this Month:

September 7-11:  "Living in Uncertain Times" (Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe)

September 14-23:  "I'm Not Who You Think I Am" (Pete Briscoe)

September 24-30:  "Living Love" (Jill Briscoe)

For a detailed schedule of September programming, click here.

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