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Grace to You® Visits Ambassador

Having made a trip to So Cal last week to see my family, I was able to spend time at the Ambassador office, too.  For a few days, I had my old life back--commuting to and from Irvine, talking with Peg and the team in person, eating fresh donuts brought in by Jim :-), and enjoying all the other benefits of working in an office with my co-workers (and friends). 

GTY Team with Michelle BloodAnother benefit (and highlight) of my time in Irvine was participating in a meeting with our Grace to You® friends, Jay Flowers and his assistant, Amanda Thompson. The meeting was both insightful and promising, especially as we learned of many exciting projects on the horizon. 

Before our meeting, though, we gathered for staff devotions where Jay shared an update on the ministry as well as provided each staff person with a copy of John MacArthur's latest book, The Jesus You Can't Ignore

We were also treated to a picture slide show of Jay's recent travels to Florida to see the Discovery space shuttle launch.  It was fun to get an inside view of NASA and hear about the two astronauts who have an affinity with the ministry.  The launch was scrubbed several times during Jay's visit (due to inclement weather) so he wasn't able to witness it firsthand.  He did, however, accomplish what he intended--that was to provide ministry support to the astronauts leaving on their mission. 

We certainly enjoyed our fellowship time with the team from Grace to You®.  Looking forward to more of that soon.  I only hope it's the next time I'm in So Cal :-).

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