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The Antidote to Fear. . .

 I'm amazed that I didn't give my mother heart failure, especially with all the crazy things I did growing up!  My favorite story is when I jumped off the top of a tall lifeguard post at the local beach!  My mom watched me as my three year old body plummeted, head first, closer and closer to the ground.  Miraculously I landed in the sand - just three inches away from the concrete slab that most likely would have ended my life!

Thankfully, life generally isn't filled with sudden and unexpected fears, although they most certainly do exist!  There are fears however, that circulate around us - terror and disaster reported by the newspapers and regurgitated by our friends and family in our daily conversations.  It almost seems unfair that Jesus asks us: "Why are you so afraid?" (Mark 4:40).  There are many legitimate fears in life, but Jesus is telling us that we have a choice!

Max Lucado, in his new book "Fearless" brings to light the antidote to fear.  It is faith in God, and handing over our fears to Him!  Encourage your listeners to tune in to hear Max this next month share on the topic of fear in his powerful and encouraging UpWords® messages. 

"If you feed your fears, your faith will starve.  But if you feed your faith, your fear will be diminished."  - Max Lucado

Of course, one of the best ways to feed your faith is to read the Bible.  Let me share with you a response to fear by King David that I love!

"The LORD is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? 
The LORD is the stronghold of my life-whom shall I be afraid?"

- Psalm 27:1

Please share with me what your favorite passage on fear is in the comments section below!



Oh, and if you need a little additional encouragement ... I'd be delighted, on behalf of Max, to send you your own copy of Fearless!

p.s. This video was too great to not share with you all! I hope you enjoy it!

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