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All-Encompassing World-View

You've probably heard about the recent launch of "The Colson Center" by Prison Fellowship. I've been looking forward to this for quite a while, having a personal passion for apologetics and seeing Christians trained in world-view thinking.

Chuck Colson recently shared with your listeners about this project. It's an amazing site combining everything for a strong world-view training. There are articles, commentary, a "Worldview Gym," and eventually there is going to be classes and even a worldview bookstore.

I'm sure you can think of a project you've done that is just so close to your heart, so inline with your passions and commitment that you couldn't help but share your enthusiasm for it with others. That's exactly how Chuck is with this new project. Here's what he recently shared:

"I am absolutely thrilled that many thousands of BreakPoint® listeners visited ColsonCenter.org in the past week ....I hope that you can sense just a little of the excitement that I have about this new endeavor-an effort I plan to devote my remaining years of ministry to."

But Chuck's work with The Colson Center won't be sidetracking him from his commitment to BreakPoint® in anyway. He wanted to make sure you knew that as you continue to partner with us in ministry.

"Some people have asked me whether this means that I'm leaving prison ministry-and Prison Fellowship-behind. The answer is simple: No. In fact, I see my work for Christian worldview to be the natural consequence of my work among prisoners."

I sure hope you've gotten a chance to visit The Colson Center. If not, go ahead and take just five minutes to do that-you'll be glad you did. It's also a great resource to make sure your listeners know about. It's easy access to lots of material that's valuable in every day conversations and worldview thinking!

By the way, when we're talking about living a with a worldview that makes a difference, Mark Earley recently shared what a difference one professor made when he decided to make a micro-loan of $27. It's a great reminder that a robust Christian worldview is more than just knowledge...it's knowledge that leads to action!

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