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Confessions of a Social Media Skeptic

Facebook!  I greeted it with the same enthusiasm with which I greet most social interaction: "Do I have to?"

So, let's check off my original bias:

1/Facebook's a place people exchange fun pleasantries about where they're eating lunch, or who they just ran into. (Ooops, confusing Facebook with Twitter!)

2/mothers/dads keeping track of their offspring without appearing too controlling! (I'm all for it, but I'm not a parent.)

3/grandmothers wanting to hear from their grandchildren and EXCEPT for Facebook never hear or see enough of them. (Girl, you go for it!  Just not my need.)

4/Marketing entities with no "face" merely icons with a pitch! (Let's change that!)

You get the idea.  As an admitted social curmudgeon, it wasn't overcoming my anti-social thing!

However it IS the world in which we live!  So with a quasi-strategic plan to ascertain response, I signed on.

And the plan was to. . .

1/give my page a real face ... mine. 

2/establish it as a place to "speak up" for those things I'm passionate about, at-risk children for one, and to see who relates to those concerns.

3/keep postings current, timely and focused.

4/limit personal postings for the purpose of testing response for issue-based concerns as opposed to personally-based interest areas.

5/keep it friendly, and hopefully motivating.

6/see what happens!

So, after 8 months or so, here's what DID happen:

People "friending" me do, indeed, tend to have the same passions.  They're winsome and passionate about children, about Scriptural passages that inspire and challenge in those arenas, and we resonate together to cultural issues of the day. 

Facebook interaction has been invigorating, and "friendly."

I've discovered relationships-new and old-with people of common interest and passion with whom I now have a more "frequent" interaction.

There's no question social media can be a tool for invigorating action to your message, whatever it is.  But "qualifying" time and resources to outcome is an essential requirement.  What do you want to accomplish?  If it's just for "fun"-go at it!  But if there's a greater purpose to achieve, have a plan.

A skeptic no more!  (At least on this issue.)

Evelyn Gibson

Friendly Curmudgeon



I'm proud of you Ev! Now we just need to get you to dip your veggies in ranch! :)

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