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Off with the Old, On with the New

The night before my dad was wheeled into surgery for a triple by-pass and valve replacement, my brother led him in the salvation prayer.  Since that night five years ago, dad has attended church and read his Bible daily.  And this past August, at the age of 79, my dad made a public decision for Christ by being baptized.  It was another answer to prayer. 

Since his baptism, we have seen and heard remarkable changes in my father's life.  In fact, that was evident the other day during a visit with my folks.  While sitting with my mom in the living room, I heard my dad grumble to himself from another room.  I quietly nudged my mom who simply said, "he does that a lot lately."  Come to find out, it was my dad's way of conscientiously throwing off the old, and putting on the new.  Any other time, we would have heard a curse word.  Now, it's a grumble!

When we become a Christian, we're still far from perfect.  Sin still raises its ugly head, but we're no longer the same person.  In October, John MacArthur explains this process of the Christian faith on "Grace to You®" in his series A Portrait of a New Life.  Tell your friends and listeners to tune in ... and I'll be sure to tell my dad.


By the way, to find out what else is airing on Grace to You® this month, go here.  And you'll find the current short feature titles for "Portraits of Grace®," here. 


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