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A la Forrest Gump wisdom, what would be your pick out of the proverbial "box of chocolates"?

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Chocolate covered cherries. I love eating them upside down, breaking the chocolate crust with my teeth and then eating the cherry...it's quite a process. And, it's glorious. :)

I have to go with Anna: Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite, too. :-)

That would have to be the homemade white chocolate nut clusters made famous by the Ambassador Team! How I miss those now that I'm based in the UK....

Without question... See's Dark Chocolate with Raspberry creme filling. If that's not available, then a Dark Chocolate Truffle from The Candy Jar in San Francisco.

That sounds good, Michael -- minus the raspberry. Just give me pure dark chocolate. (It's for all the antioxidants, of course!). :)

Hughes of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Double chocolate meltaways.

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