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Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

I am one of those.

I'm the person that everyone has a good laugh at this time of year. The reason is this: As I absent mindedly meander through aisles in stores, I inevitably get greeted by the Halloween display. You know the ones I'm talking about...the creepy guy who chuckles and moves when you walk by or the hanging spider that annoyingly hits your head? Well, I'm the one who usually jumps and may occasionally let out a "quiet" shriek.

We all know that in just a few weeks, neighborhoods will be transformed as trick-or-treaters hit the streets, houses are decorated, and Halloween activities commence. And besides making my own mental note about being more aware as I shop...I've also found myself wondering if I'm taking advantage of the open door to conversations that this holiday provides?

In an all new 25:00 special (Heaven and the Afterlife), Jim Garlow explains how this is an opportunity for believers to engage in dialogue about the afterlife with our friends, co-workers and neighbors. It's more than apparent at this time of year that our culture is fascinated with the ghosts, spirits and loved ones who've passed on. Jim sorts out fact from fiction as he provides solid, biblical answers for what we can know about the supernatural realm and what really happens when a person dies.

So here's what I'd ask you to do. Send me a note letting me know you're interested. I'll give you all the details and help you get set up. It's one of the best treats you can share with your listeners this season!

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