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My Favorite Storybook

Can you guess what book I have read more times than any other over the last 3 years?  I wish I could say the Greek New Testament (but I can't).  As a father who is passionate about his children knowing, trusting, understanding and enjoying God the answer is...The Jesus Story Book Bible.

Grace and Paul love it (I think you can figure out who is who in the picture)....and so do I. Over and over again it reminds the three of us that "every story whispers His name."   In fact it was Charles Morris that introduced me to it, and it has become a "main course" in my family's spiritual diet ever since.

All this week on HAVEN Today, Charles has had David Suchet (you might know him from the PBS "Hercule Paroit" series) on the broadcast reading from the New Deluxe edition of The Jesus Story Book Bible.   David shared his testimony with Charles on HAVEN on Monday...powerful (you can listen to it online here). He'll be on next week as well...and my hope is that you'll find some time to sit down with the kids in your life (maybe even this weekend) to tell them the Great Story...it's all about Jesus.



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