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A Very Special HAVEN Today with Joni - this Thursday!

joniinafricaWhen I was 9 years old my mother took me to a special screening of a movie in an auditorium in Towson Maryland (if memory serves me correct.). There must have been 1000 people there.  It wasn't Star Wars (another memorable movie from my childhood) - it was a true story about a girl named Joni who had a horrible diving accident.  After the movie Joni came out on stage and shared about God's faithfulness to her in the midst of her pain. It left a big impression on a little boy.

Three years ago, I hurt my back while moving some equipment at Ambassador and was out of commission for several months.  A few weeks into my injury my wife brought in the mail and read me a note that Joni had written to me.  It was personal (not a "form letter") from Joni - hand signed and all. I had met her a few times at Ambassador functions, jumped in and engineered a few recording sessions, and on occasion done some trouble shooting for the ministry...but never imagined she would remember me or know who I was.

Two years ago, I heard Joni deliver a powerful message on God's love and care for us in the midst of our pain and suffering. God remembers us and knows us and knows our pain even while we are in it.  It was a message I already knew in my head, but because of a woman who remembered me in my pain, the message blessed me like few others ever have.  On Thursday's HAVEN Today Broadcast (10/15), we'll be airing a portion of the message that Joni gave at the Desiring God National Conference on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. 

You will want to listen.  She still makes a big impression on a not so little boy.

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