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Franklin Graham in China

It's the start of a new week and as I work on my to-do-list, I recall the message my pastor shared on Sunday  . . . "Greatness in His Kingdom is defined by your faithfulness to the assignment specifically given to you."   

Sometimes our assignments are in our neighborhood - the grocery clerk having a bad day, the homeless person on the corner..   Sometimes, our assignments are clear across the world - in China as the Graham family knows all too well.

Continuing the Graham family legacy of sharing God's Word and love with the Chinese people, Franklin Graham proclaimed the Gospel this past Sunday in China's second largest church and extended an invitation to the some 10,000 people in attendance to entrust their lives to Jesus Christ. And just as people have around the world, including in China's largest church last May, more than 1,000 people responded.

When a powerful earthquake hit China in 2008, Franklin was on the ground as it happened. Today, he is visiting areas still reeling from the disaster. (Click here for more information about Franklin's visit.)

Sharing about the eternal hope in Christ . . . our calling-at home or abroad--a good reminder to start the week off with!

Lee Ann

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