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Getting to Know Joni . . .


Yes, we're celebrating Joni's 60th birthday but we'll Joni Eareckson Tada send you a gift to mark the occasion!

We invite you to take a moment to post your answers before Joni's birthday (October 15th) and the response with the most correct answers will receive a gift!

 (And be sure to check back on October 15th for Joni's answers!)

 Question #1 Where was Joni born?

 Question #2 Who is Joni named after?

 Question #3 What is the date of her diving accident?

 Question #4 When did Joni and Ken get married and who performed the wedding?

 Question #5 What does Joni include when she signs her drawings?

 Question #6 How many countries has Joni personally visited?

 Question #7 What was the year the radio broadcast started and the number of radio programs recorded to date?                                      

 Question #8 Name Joni's sisters.

Question #9 To what hall of fame does her father belong?

Question #10 As a young teen, Joni loved horseback-riding...name of her horse?

Question #11 What high school friend helped Joni heal spiritually?

Question #12 Who's head did Joni famously pray for? 

You might also like to know . . . 

Joni keeps her "dancing shoes" in her art studio as a reminder of her hope for a new body in Heaven--a "snazzy" pair of red high tops!

The "Theology of Suffering and Disability" course was first offered in the Spring 2008 semester at Biola.

Joni was awarded the William Ward Ayer Distinguished Service Award by the NRB for excellence in broadcast ministry in 2002.

Before a radio broadcast recording session, Joni will frequently sing a hymn.

Joni's response to the question, "What's the most important thing you do?" was "Being a good wife to my husband."  She went on to share, "When I stand before Jesus, I will be judged first for my faithfulness in my marriage.  My commitment to marriage vows places me in a profoundly significant relationship with the most important human being on earth.  My spouse.  If I can't be faithful in loving my husband, how can I tout "faithfulness" in ministry to millions?"

Ok . . . your turn -- think you can answer all 12?



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1. Baltimore, MD
2. Joni is named after John—in the Bible
3. June 10th, 1967
4. Married on July 3, 1982—not sure by whom
5. She signs her name and date
6. Joni has visited over 25 countries
7. First broadcast was in 1985—she’s recorded over 5000 programs (?)
8. I know Joni is the youngest. Sisters are Laura and Kay?
9. Baseball Hall of Fame
10. Silver
11. Not sure
12. No idea!


How I thank God for you! May God's richest blessings shower upon you in the coming years. You've impacted my life, as well as Lee's, in so many ways. I'm sure Lee is practicing his heavenly voice to sing with you again when we join him with the saints. Blessings, Beth Schafer

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