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Precept Ministries - Helping women live victoriously!

I don't know about you, but I've talked with many friends who are stressed out and overwhelmed.  It could be that we're experiencing another wave of impact from our poor economy; many are struggling and seeking relief from their circumstances.

This is why I'm grateful that Kay Arthur and Precept's staff of women are hosting a special event this weekend for women who are merely coping with life.  It's a conference where women will discover the key to living in victory no matter what circumstance they're facing.

And, we know that what they'll experience at an event like this extends beyond their home, to impact their marriage, family and community.  Please join me in praying for these women who'll be attending and for those in your life who desperately need this Truth.

Thank you for the biblical support you're providing daily by sharing Precept programming.

Precepts For Life programs in November include Kay's study of Jeremiah and Romans.  For daily program information, go here.

For "Precepts from God's Word" titles, go here.

Jennifer Perez

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