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Celebrating the Life and Ministry of Joni

Joni's 60th Birthday CelebrationTop Ten Quotes from Joni and Friends® Ministry Retreat and Joni's 60th Birthday!

1. "He chooses the reliable.  Joni said God, show me how to live and He did!" (Billy Burnett, Vice President of Finance, Joni and Friends®)

2. "Joni is as solid as a rock. How can you look at a life like Joni's and not feel every life is valuable?" (Chuck Colson)

3. "Wow, these are delicious!" (Me after tasting Joni's mom's incredible Crab Cakes which were part of Joni's birthday surprise.) Click here for the recipe.

4.  "Wheels for the World programs are at 17 prisons where inmates are learning how to live by refurbishing wheelchairs which help provide hope to others." (Doug Mazza, President, Joni and Friends®)

5.  "Being here this weekend has been such a blessing to my entire family." (Captain Ryan Voltin -- who was seriously burned and lost a leg when his Cobra helicopter crashed in Jordan (2007).  He's an alum of the 2009 "Wounded Warrior Weekend Getaway" -- a new outreach under the auspices of the ministry's ongoing Family Retreats.  Just his presence at the President's Retreat was a reminder of heroism and the valiant courage it takes to live daily with debilitating disabilities--external as well as internal!)

6. "Nothing theoretical about Joni and Friends® . .  . we are called to serve.  Joni has helped others find purpose in their suffering. It's not theoretical, it's redemptive." (Mazza)

7. Your theology will show in your conduct." (John MacArthur as he reflected on Joni's life.)

8. "The Joni and Friends® Christian Institute on Disability - Life giving truth and transforming nations one heart at a time." (Steve Bundy, Managing Director of the Christian Institute on Disability)

9. "Don't you want those things in your life that people say ... no way--not you! ... that demonstrate the only explanation possible is ... it is the power of the Holy Spirit!"  (Francis Chan)

10. ". . . thank you for your prayers -- I'm asking God if he might continue to bless me with good health in this new decade so that I can squeeze every ounce of ministry effort out of my quadriplegic body for the advancement of Christ's kingdom. So now, friend, it's onward and upward -- thank you for joining me and this exciting adventure!" Joni Eareckson Tada

Lee Ann


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