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"Rejoice Always!"

This past week I stopped by a local radio station for their 3-day sharathon.  During my visit, I met a very special woman of God.  In the course of my short conversation with her, I learned that earlier this year her 23-year old son died in a motorcycle accident.  But if that wasn’t enough grief to endure, a month later her husband left her for a younger woman.  My heart sank.


Scripture says we’re to “rejoice always.”  And here in front of me was a woman doing just that.  She had every reason to be bitter and angry at God, but she wasn’t.  In fact, now she is praying and believing God to heal her marriage.  She’s still grieving the loss of her son, and what her family life once was, but she is moving forward in anticipation of good things. 


What a timely reminder for all of us as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.  In fact, later this month on "Grace to You®"John MacArthur looks to 1 Thess. 5:16 and explains further what it means to be content and thankful even in the most difficult circumstances.  He tells us it's one of the shortest verses in the Bible, yet a significant one in the life of any Christian.


(By the way, I didn't want to miss telling you what else is airing on "Grace to You®" this month.  Beginning October 27, John begins his study of God, Satan and Angels — an in-depth teaching on the portrait of God, as well as the angels that serve Him and the devil that wars against Him.  Don't miss it!)


To learn more about the Grace to You® programs and resources available in November, go here. 



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