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Going Beyond for a Blessing

Do you ever feel "blessed to be a blessing"?  Coming up Monday, November 2nd on "Beyond the Call", listeners will hear an example of what that means:

Wedding money used for short term missionsWhen she was a child, Amanda didn't like putting money in the church offering plate.  Her parents had to pry her fingers off the quarter they'd given her!

As a teenager, Amanda was more interested in getting things for herself than giving to God.  But when she went to Bible school, she met and fell in love with a young man.  On Amanda's wedding day, her friend Shelly told her she lacked the money she needed to go on a mission trip.

Amanda and her new husband prayed and decided to give Shelly their wedding gift money.  After giving this sacrifical gift Amanda said, "I have never felt such joy before.  I never knew giving to God could be so much fun!"

So what is God challenging you to sacrifice?  Go Beyond the Call!

Speaking of the "fun" of giving . . . listeners of MCBI radio know what that's about!  More than 400 SonSet radios are heading to Guatemala as a result of their generosity during the station's recent sharathon.

Radio station listeners give 400+ radios to Guatemala"I truly believe that one of the reasons God blessed our sharathon this year was that we not only raised money for our own operating needs, but also getting involved in a worthwile mission project...the listeners also got very excited about giving to SonSet radios."

-- MCBI General Manager Mike Heuberger

Spread the joy of going "Beyond the Call" for God -- daily with HCJB Global's Ron Cline.


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