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Born To Love

I grew up singing a blessing song that started off with these words: "You were born to be loved."  My father gently reminded me of these exact words last Sunday, challenging me to live fully by loving others.

Mercy Ships® Breast Cancer Awareness

Loving others like Jesus loved us is what Mercy Ships® does best! Last year in Liberia, they performed 17,610 eye surgeries/treatments, 11,081 dental procedures and trained 456 community leaders in health care and community health training! Take a look at this report (pg. 14) for the rest of the numbers.

That was 2008.  Now it is 2009 and they are currently in Benin.  By the first of September they were already at 85% of the projected outcomes in surgery, dental, eye, agricultural projects with three months of service remaining! Looking towards Togo in 2010 and beyond, Mercy Ships® is planning on serving even more people!  Truly the men and women of Mercy Ships® have been pouring out their love and are making an impact for Christ.

Not only were we born to be loved, but as Christians, we are to be known by our love.  Thank you for partnering with Mercy Ships® by airing "The Mercy Minute®" and sharing with your listeners these stories of love. May we all be encouraged to love like Christ loved us in our own communities!

Click here to get November's short title information for "The Mercy Minute®"


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