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Is Your Heart Ready for Thanksgiving?

I absolutely love fall! 


For me, it's always been one of the most beautiful and peaceful seasons of the year!  And now I live in a region full of maple and sycamore trees, where leaves are changing color daily.  I'm grateful! 


Of course, until those leaves turn brown and fall on my front lawn--in abundance, I might add!  In fact, I caught myself complaining about that very thing this past weekend when I saw how much leaves had actually dropped.  Okay, where did my grateful heart go?


Fortunately this month, "FamilyLife Today" turns our focus off ourselves and shares with listeners ways we can cultivate a grateful heart.  The truth is, whether we are facing a job loss, an illness in the family, a bad day at the office, or a pile of leaves on our lawn, it is a sin to complain.  Dennis and Barbara Rainey, and Nancy Leigh DeMoss (ROH), author of Choosing Gratitude, help listeners understand that and tell us God deserves our praise, no matter the circumstances.  And as we head into this holiday season, there's no better time than now to prepare our hearts for thanksgiving.



Learn more about the broadcasts airing this month (and their accompanying resources available) by clicking here.  While you do that, I'm heading outside to rake all those leaves, thanking God for a beautiful fall season!



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