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Pick The Winning Team

Basketball FearsFear sells. And marketing gurus use it everyday! Just think about it - How many news headlines make you feel calm and relaxed?  Now compare that number to the doom and gloom breaking news that causes me to wonder if the end days are near!

Max Lucado's latest book, Fearless, is about trusting more and fearing less.  He encourages us to have faith in God's character, and not fear the world that we live in.  Max reminds of how to keep away from fear in his tweets:

"There's a stampede of fear out there.  Let's not get caught in it.  Let's be among those who stay calm."  He also tells us how to stay P-E-A-C-E-F-U-L:

Pray 1st

Easy now

Act on it

Compile a worry list

Evaluate your worries

Focus on today

Unleash a worry army

Let God be enough

Growing up, despite being tall, I never wanted to play basketball.  I was always so afraid that I'd miss the shot, or even worse, miss the hoop completely.  If Michael Jordan or some other NBA superstar was on my team, however, I think my fears would dissolve quickly.  No matter how badly I mess things up, I would be confident that in the end we would win! It's the same way with God.  We need to remember that we are on the winning team if we accept God as our Lord and Savior.  Thankfully, Max reminds us all in his "UpWords®" message that God is always enough and that we have no reason to be Fear-FULL!

Thank you for choosing to Fear-LESS with Max by airing "UpWords®"

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