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Telling the Truth Coming Up

Would you be lost without your calendar?  Monthly planner?  iPhone calendar application?  I would!  I love plugging in events dates the moment I know them -- oh the joy of knowing what's going on months in advance!

Aside from the monthly Telling the Truth Promo Pack, here are a few things to plug in to your station calendar from "Telling the Truth":

Stuart Briscoe's Christmas seriesThe Visitor in November

Although some retail stores (and even a few stations!) are already embracing the Christmas season, it's not until after Thanksgiving that most of us turn our attention to December activities.

With that in mind, Stuart Briscoe launches into a Christmas series starting the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas has become trivialized.  We shop, cook, make plans, prepare for guests, and schedule visits with friends and family.  But too often we forget "the visit" started it all -- Jesus' birth!

Christmas Special from Jill Briscoe

Roses in December

From the manger to a royal birthday -- it's the story of Christ!  In this reflective Christmas special, Jill Briscoe is joined by a few of her grandchildren (Liam and Annika) to share in the joy of the season. 

Contact me for audition details and for clearance to air "Roses in December."


Listener event in London

Oh . . . and thanks for Prayers in October!

Thank you for praying for the Briscoes as they spoke at a special "Evening With the Briscoes" with listeners of Christian radio station Premier.  Over 1,800 people were blessed and encouraged to hear from each member of the "Telling the Truth" teaching team.




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