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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Give Thanks in All Things!

With Thanksgiving coming up this month, it's time to be thinking of more than just the turkey and pumpkin pie!  It's really the time to take stock, and look around us at all we have to be thankful for.  I love the tradition so many families have, of going around the table, taking turns, and each giving thanks before their holiday meal.

But, for Emilie Barnes, her Thanksgiving prayer is more than just the "Thank You's."  She also seeks the Lord for the gift of gratitude, asking that for whatever she is receiving, and about to ...

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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Christmas giftSunday will be November 1st and even now my kids are making their Christmas wish lists.  This serves as a reminder to me that I'm not geared up for the holidays.  At least, my heart isn't ready to celebrate the reason for the season.

At a time when it's easy to get distracted by our "to do" list, Elizabeth George has prepared a special message to help us get focused on the reason why we celebrate.

We're excited to offer this all new 25-minute Christmas special, "An Old Fashioned Christmas" where Elizabeth shares the Christmas ...

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Telling the Truth Coming Up

Would you be lost without your calendar?  Monthly planner?  iPhone calendar application?  I would!  I love plugging in events dates the moment I know them -- oh the joy of knowing what's going on months in advance!

Aside from the monthly Telling the Truth Promo Pack, here are a few things to plug in to your station calendar from "Telling the Truth":

Stuart Briscoe's Christmas seriesThe Visitor in November

Although some retail stores (and even a few stations!) are already embracing the Christmas season, it's not until after Thanksgiving that most of us turn our attention to December activities.

With that in ...

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Is Your Heart Ready for Thanksgiving?

I absolutely love fall! 


For me, it's always been one of the most beautiful and peaceful seasons of the year!  And now I live in a region full of maple and sycamore trees, where leaves are changing color daily.  I'm grateful! 


Of course, until those leaves turn brown and fall on my front lawn--in abundance, I might add!  In fact, I caught myself complaining about that very thing this past weekend when I saw how much leaves had actually dropped.  Okay, where did my grateful heart go?


Fortunately this month, "FamilyLife Today" turns our focus off ourselves and ...

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Pick The Winning Team

Basketball FearsFear sells. And marketing gurus use it everyday! Just think about it - How many news headlines make you feel calm and relaxed?  Now compare that number to the doom and gloom breaking news that causes me to wonder if the end days are near!

Max Lucado's latest book, Fearless, is about trusting more and fearing less.  He encourages us to have faith in God's character, and not fear the world that we live in.  Max reminds of how to keep away from fear in his tweets:

"There's a stampede of fear out there.  Let's not get ...

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Born To Love

I grew up singing a blessing song that started off with these words: "You were born to be loved."  My father gently reminded me of these exact words last Sunday, challenging me to live fully by loving others.

Mercy Ships® Breast Cancer Awareness

Loving others like Jesus loved us is what Mercy Ships® does best! Last year in Liberia, they performed 17,610 eye surgeries/treatments, 11,081 dental procedures and trained 456 community leaders in health care and community health training! Take a look at this report (pg. 14) for the rest of the numbers.

That was 2008.  Now it is 2009 and they ...

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