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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Going Beyond for a Blessing

Do you ever feel "blessed to be a blessing"?  Coming up Monday, November 2nd on "Beyond the Call", listeners will hear an example of what that means:

Wedding money used for short term missionsWhen she was a child, Amanda didn't like putting money in the church offering plate.  Her parents had to pry her fingers off the quarter they'd given her!

As a teenager, Amanda was more interested in getting things for herself than giving to God.  But when she went to Bible school, she met and fell in love with a young man.  On Amanda's wedding day, her friend Shelly told her ...

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"Rejoice Always!"

This past week I stopped by a local radio station for their 3-day sharathon.  During my visit, I met a very special woman of God.  In the course of my short conversation with her, I learned that earlier this year her 23-year old son died in a motorcycle accident.  But if that wasn’t enough grief to endure, a month later her husband left her for a younger woman.  My heart sank.


Scripture says we’re to “rejoice always.”  And here in front of me was a woman doing just that.  She had every reason to be bitter and angry ...

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Get the dry out

Do you have dry eyes this Fall season?  I have a low-cost solution for you:  watch the video that's left several in tears.  Just remember...I warned you!

At the recent Catalyst Conference, Jimmy Wambua met Mark, his Compassion Sponsor of 19 years, for the first time.

Want to hear more of Jimmy's story?  Catch up with the Leadership Development Program students at the Compassion blog.

Kid's say the most important things!

What do kids today think about poverty?  And how would Jesus respond to little ones in need?  Join our young speakers . . . children of Compassion ...

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Celebrating the Life and Ministry of Joni

Joni's 60th Birthday CelebrationTop Ten Quotes from Joni and Friends® Ministry Retreat and Joni's 60th Birthday!

1. "He chooses the reliable.  Joni said God, show me how to live and He did!" (Billy Burnett, Vice President of Finance, Joni and Friends®)

2. "Joni is as solid as a rock. How can you look at a life like Joni's and not feel every life is valuable?" (Chuck Colson)

3. "Wow, these are delicious!" (Me after tasting Joni's mom's incredible Crab Cakes which were part of Joni's birthday surprise.) Click here for the recipe.

4.  "Wheels for the World ...

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Anne Graham Lotz About Being Focused, Fired Up and Faithful!

In the rush of this Fall season, it's easy to get distracted . . . from work to the home-front.  There's so much in the day-to-day . . . . both good and bad that serve as interruptions to worship.  That's what Anne Graham Lotz calls those circumstances which seem to distract us from His Word.

The reality is that we all have "interruptions"  . . .  but here are three suggestions to help keep them at bay and help us stay centered on Christ:

1. Listen  . . . to Anne's recent message she shared at Bent Tree Fellowship about the Three Characteristics of Messengers that God Uses ...

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Perfectionistic Tendencies

If you're a perfectionist, you can probably relate with my feelings: I like to get things done perfectly, first try, no mistakes, and way before deadline. How often does that actually happen? Well, ok...never. But I still try-it's a bit of an obsession really.

That's why what Mark Earley shared during devotions this week at Ambassador really struck a cord with me-and perhaps you'll feel the same. To get the full impact, click here to listen to what he shared. But as a recap, he basically explained that the first half of his life, he ...

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