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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

My Favorite Storybook

Can you guess what book I have read more times than any other over the last 3 years?  I wish I could say the Greek New Testament (but I can't).  As a father who is passionate about his children knowing, trusting, understanding and enjoying God the answer is...The Jesus Story Book Bible.

Grace and Paul love it (I think you can figure out who is who in the picture)....and so do I. Over and over again it reminds the three of us that "every story whispers His name."   In fact it was Charles Morris that introduced me ...

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Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

I am one of those.

I'm the person that everyone has a good laugh at this time of year. The reason is this: As I absent mindedly meander through aisles in stores, I inevitably get greeted by the Halloween display. You know the ones I'm talking about...the creepy guy who chuckles and moves when you walk by or the hanging spider that annoyingly hits your head? Well, I'm the one who usually jumps and may occasionally let out a "quiet" shriek.

We all know that in just a few weeks, neighborhoods will be transformed as trick-or-treaters ...

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The Cure for Fear

There's a lot of fear out there. We see it all over the news and throughout the culture. It's not hard to realize that fear has a way of ruling us. Frankly, whatever we let occupy our thoughts and heart is the master of us. We need to push out fear and grow in faith.

It can seem like an impossible task to master worry--especially in our world today. That's why this week's devotions couldn't have come at a better time! Al Sanders joined us and gave the cure for worry. Continuing our study in ...

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Providing Hope for Orphans

"The adoption of orphans is one of the greatest opportunities today for fulfilling the Great Commission" says Dennis Rainey, President of FamilyLife.

Orphan Sunday website

And that's why the ministry launched Hope for Orphans in 2003.  Since then, FamilyLife joined together with Christian organizations like Focus on the Family, Show Hope, and other orphan care ministries in order to equip individuals and churches to meet the needs of "the least of these."   

Now, FamilyLife is excited to share that on November 8, 2009, the first ever Orphan Sunday is taking place in churches, small groups, college campuses, and other places across the ...

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Getting to Know Joni . . .


Yes, we're celebrating Joni's 60th birthday but we'll Joni Eareckson Tada send you a gift to mark the occasion!

We invite you to take a moment to post your answers before Joni's birthday (October 15th) and the response with the most correct answers will receive a gift!

 (And be sure to check back on October 15th for Joni's answers!)

 Question #1 Where was Joni born?

 Question #2 Who is Joni named after?

 Question #3 What is the date of her diving accident?

 Question #4 When did Joni and Ken get married and who performed the ...

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