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What Is Your Favorite Work by C.S. Lewis?

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I love "The Great Divorce"...not so much for the premise, but for the view it gives regarding the reality of Heaven compared to this life! :)

For me, reading "Letters to Malcom-Chiefly on Prayer" rates at the top. It was pivotal in my own journey as I read it the first time when Jon was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease (1974) -- it remains a favorite.

The Last Battle - I remember reading through the entire series wondering how this could end...further up and further in.

My first response would be "Mere Christianity" which helped my in my college days to intellectually come to terms with my faith in Christ, but more recently "A Grief Observed," not in that it helped me in grieving a loved one lost in death, but it helped in working through the grief of a prodigal. To see the faith of C.S. Lewis come through the raw pain of a tremendous loss with hope and faith intact helped when all else seemed not to make sense.

"Screwtape Letters." Amazingly, it reminded me that of what I needed to do to avoid falling into the traps of the adversary. It's been over 20 years since I first read it and I want to read it again.

There are so many that I've enjoyed over the years. From Narnia to Mere Christianity to Screwtape. But there's one that I've enjoyed that wasn't written by him but by Terry Lindvall, a former professor of mine at Regent University, Suprised by Laughter: The Comic World of C.S. Lewis

For me it would be Mere Christianity. That was the book the Lord used to sovereignly draw me to himself in August, 1978. I did not own a Bible and had not been to church, except for Christmas and Easter, in over 12 years. Although bang-on, I found the Screwtape Letters somewhat unnerving. Too real...and too deceptively subtle.

The Chronicles of Narnia, especially The Voyage of the Dawntreader! I re-read them every couple years.

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