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Joni Tada-APU Scholarship

My daughter is a high school junior and thinking about college.  The best advice I can give her? Encouraging her in her commitment to keep Christ center and most important in her life  . . . in her education and career choices. 

That's why I was so excited when we shared with Joni that on the occasion of her 60th birthday, the Ambassador family had initiated a new scholarship fund in her name at Azusa Pacific University.  The scholarship will serve selected students who have evidenced a commitment to serve the disability community . . . . and reflects one more opportunity by which students can combine their college education with the investment in the lives of others! 

Joining with the many who give thanks for Joni's life example, it's thrilling to have the opportunity to further ensure that dedicated young Christ-followers will take her calling forward into generations to come.    And, as a mom of a college-bound daughter, to be affirmed that students will be equipped and empowered to continue to keep Christ center and most important in their lives! 

Further illustrative of Joni's desire to see university students understand the Theology of Suffering and Disability Ministry, she spoke at The Master's College this week and upon returning from a Family Retreat in El Salvador, she'll be speaking at Biola University on November 23rd!

Investing in the lives of others . . . and helping to keep Christ center in life--on college campuses and in foreign countries!

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