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Pray with Compassion for Crisis in El Salvador

Compassion Crisis in El SalvadorI didn't realize I was figuratively holding my breath until I noticeably exhaled.  I had just heard that Hurricane Ida had been downgraded again.  The Gulf Coast seemed to be safe.

Then I got an email from Compassion - "Pray for Compassion El Salvador."  I read on, concerned for the kids in the projects.  Then I remembered, There's a Compassion Blogger Trip to El Salvador this week - that's probably what they're talking about.

I guessed wrong.  I was being alerted to an urgent report from a Compassion field office.  This past weekend, heavy rains from Hurricane Ida caused flooding and mudslides in El Salvador.  Compassion has many church partners in the flooded region and, while the damaged is still being assessed, at least 21 child development centers have been affected

We know we need to pray -- but for what?  I'm so glad that Compassion's Senior Vice President Mark Hanlon quickly recorded an urgent message that will reach listeners across the country Wednesday, November 11th.  On that day, every station that airs "Speak Up With Compassion®" will broadcast Mark's update of what Compassion is doing in response to the crisis.  He'll talk to the sponsor who is concerened for their sponsored child in El Salvador, and issue a call to prayer -- for the kids in these projects and for the safety of Compassion staff.

Listen to Mark's call to prayer for Compassion children in El Salvador.

Thanks for adding your voice to the many prayers being offered.  And, a special thanks to stations carrying "Speak Up With Compassion®" for demonstrating your care and concern for kids in crisis.

Katie Burke

P.S.  There will be an opportunity for every station to Speak Up for kids in crisis on February 10, 2010 -- Global Food Crisis Day.  Stay tuned!

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