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FEARLESS: Facing 2010 with More Trust [and less fear!]

Man jumpingI don't know about you but just about everyone around me has more reason than ever for concern, for fear.  A family member out of work for pushing on two years.  A friend struggling with increasingly debilitating disease.  Graduating students scared about the world they head into shortly.  A once presumed secure Christian family shattered by infidelity.

Really, the idea of a "bright new year" has a bit of a "hollow" ring to it.


Except for those who choose to trust more and fear less, it is possible to face the new year with confidence, even with joy.

That's what Max Lucado encourages in a candid exchange with a live audience in the new radio special "Fearless," giving all of us who are afraid of the future a reason to be bold!

In the special, Max's words are joined with those of "real life people with real life concerns" -- and some dramatization as well.  It's a powerful combination that will speak directly to many in your audience -- maybe to you as well.

"FEARLESS" will be posted to our FTP site and available for Amb-OS permissioning as of December 11; we highly recommend its airing immediately after Christmas and into 2010 as this is the time to anchor all of us with more trust and less fear.  It will be conveniently packaged for either 24:00 or 54:00 length airing.

Click here for more details.  Or, contact Anna Sinclair for confirmation of special placement; (we have resources to share with you for promotional purposes as well).

It's starting to look like a better year ahead already!

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