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A Reason To Be Thankful!

Family Thanksgiving MealAs we head to spend time with our family and friends, let us all remember that we have very good reason to be thankful - Christ has come! I'll be heading to Korea to see my aging grandparents.  Although their body may be failing them, I find myself always coming away rejoicing with them as they bear witness to Christ's love in their lives.  My grandparents are a prime example of a couple who, regardless their situation, give thanks.

The crew on the Africa Mercy also have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Mercy Ships® has completed yet another year of incredible service in Benin.  They have healed the lame and given sight to the blind.  Not only did the Mercy Ships® team bring medical healing, they also provided agricultural training, hygiene, education and water sanitation to the local community. 

As we enter into Thanksgiving I wanted to share how thankful the Mercy Ships® team and we at Ambassador are for your partnership. Just like the crew on board ship, the part each of us plays is so vital in the big picture. We couldn't do it without you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ki Yong Kim

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