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Cynics Beware--This Could Be Hazardous To Your Spirit!

RadioYesterday after meeting with two men from a church here in SoCal about a radio program for their pastor, we were taken back by their incredible personal stories.

Both men came to know Christ through Christian radio as young family men.  One of them said, "I was definitely working on becoming an atheist."

Driving in his car to a business appointment, he heard a hymn on the radio, a kind of music he was unaccustomed to hearing. After the hymn, the speaker talked about Jesus Christ and what it means to know Him personally. 

Intrigued, he listened again the next day, and the next.  And finally when the speaker said, "You need to pray right now and accept Christ as your Savior," he did!  As he tells it, "It was more an act of, 'okay if that's what I need to do, I will.'"  But, he said, "I had no idea what it all meant."

Noting the radio teacher was holding meetings in a Los Angeles Church, the young man and his wife decided to see if they could meet him.  After the meeting was over, he approached the speaker and told him his story in a rather matter-of-fact manner.  As he finished, he couldn't help but see tears running down his face.  It wasn't until later he discovered, that the very day they met, the preacher was questioning whether or not to continue his radio program.  He wasn't convinced he was impacting lives.

Both men and their wives love the Lord and have been involved for years in church leadership and teaching Bible study groups.  And they're pretty much convinced Christian radio is having an impact!

Evelyn Gibson

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