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By the Numbers

Turn the Radios On












10 - The number of years Christian radio stations across the U.S. have partnered with HCJB Global to send fixed-tuned, solar-powered radios worldwide.

27,000 - The number of people who have received a radio from HCJB Global.  "These radios go to prisoners, people in remote areas who don't have access to electricity, and poor people who can't afford radios or the batteries to operate them," explains Heide Jones, the mission's station relations director. "They're a great thing to give to people who've never heard the gospel.  It's almost like sending a missionary into a community."

9 - The number of stations that have partnered with HCJB Global in 2009 - pledging 3,500 radios.  These stations include KPOF (Colorado), MCBI (Minnesota), KBHL (Minnesota), 89 Q (Wisconsin), Mars Hill (New York), KBXL (Idaho), WBFJ (North Carolina) and SOS Network (Nevada).

16,000 - The number of radios requested in the Asia Pacific region:  Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands.

1 - The number of stations that can make a difference in a life and in a community by partnering with HCJB Global's Turn the Radios On campaign.

Would you like to be counted?  Visit turntheradioson.org for more details.  Interested stations may contact Heide Jones or Kate Elliott at 1.800.360.4252.

Katie Burke

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