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A Perfect Christmas

If you're planning the "perfect" Christmas celebration, forget it!  There is no such thing, and you'll just end up exhausted and frustrated when it doesn't happen. Emilie and Bob Barnes and Sheri Cooper

Instead, Emilie Barnes, says just "Keep It Simple!"  If you simplify your holiday plans, you will enjoy them more.  But, with all the things most of us want to do this probably doesn't sound possible.  It is - really!

As you make your plans just keep saying to yourself - keep it simple.  Take out a monthly calendar and schedule the things you really want to do - forget the rest!

Here are a few of Emilie's suggestions to help you:          

Combine your tree decorating with your Christmas party.  Put on the Christmas music and have everyone help decorate the tree!  Ask them to bring a small gift to donate to a charity.  Keep the meal simple with either a potluck, or even a pot of chili.  When they leave give them their Christmas card (save the postage!), and a ornament to put on their tree.  

Speaking of Christmas cards, if you have children or grandchildren let them make your cards by drawing on cardstock or construction paper.  Or, take a snapshot of your family and have it made into a postcard.  These are so much fun to receive!

Keep your gift giving to a minimum.  Set your budget, and pick one or two days to do your shopping then stop.  Have the family draw names so you don't need to buy for everyone.  Gift baskets are simple and easy to put together with a few things a person really enjoys - like a chocolate lovers basket, coffee lovers basket, etc. And, gift cards are a great idea and most grocery stores sell a variety of them. 

The point is to focus on what Christmas really is about - the birth of our Savior.  I hope this Christmas season is enjoyable for you, and that you have very blessed Christmas!

Sheri Cooper

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