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When You Have Nothing to Give

Foot massager?  Knife sharpener?  iTunes gift card?

When You Have Nothing to GiveIt's challenging when you're wondering what to give the person who has everything - but, what do you give when you have nothing?"  That's the question Pete Briscoe will tackle in a special message coming up on "Telling the Truth" - What Do You Give When You Have Nothing to Give.  I can't help but wonder that many listeners will relate to having "nothing" in this trying economic time.

Speaking of listeners, here are just a few of the responses that have been coming in through Telling the Truth's Facebook page and website:

"If I miss you on the radio I always stream your message on my computer. Your words inspire me to want to be a better Christian." --Abigail from Pennsylvania

"Thanks as always for your ministry and your faithfulness!" --Nancy from Texas

"You guys are awesome. Thank you for your boldness in preaching the Gospel. I attended the pastors appreciation [lunch] in Detroit where you were the guest host. I still refer to my notes when I am 'under the broom tree.' God bless you all!" --Larry from Michigan

Pete will be joined by his parents, Stuart and Jill for a month-long lineup of timely Christmas programming on "Telling the Truth."  Download the December Promo Packet for all the details.

Katie Burke

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