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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Joni Tada-APU Scholarship

My daughter is a high school junior and thinking about college.  The best advice I can give her? Encouraging her in her commitment to keep Christ center and most important in her life  . . . in her education and career choices. 

That's why I was so excited when we shared with Joni that on the occasion of her 60th birthday, the Ambassador family had initiated a new scholarship fund in her name at Azusa Pacific University.  The scholarship will serve selected students who have evidenced a commitment to serve the disability community . . . . and reflects one more opportunity by which students can ...

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Responding to Breaking News: Fort Hood

Breaking NewsLast Thursday we were shocked by the breaking news alert:

"At least seven people killed and 12 wounded in a mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, a Pentagon official says."  (Latest on Fort Hood shooting)

Immediately, our thoughts and prayers went to the victims' family and friends.  We slowly shook our heads in disbelief.  We offered wordless prayers and admitted we're troubled that tragedy has hit so close to home.

Like us, we know that listeners across the country, and especially in the Fort Hood area, are wrestling with God's sovereignty in the midst of disaster.  That's ...

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Life and Liberty This Veteran's Day

With nearly two and a half million men and women serving in the armed forces, Brad Mattes is personally familiar with the depth of sacrifice by these soldiers and their families. He knows what it's like to constantly wait for a phone call from a solider, to have sleepless nights as he prays for his loved one, and to live day in and day out waiting for his son's safe return. That's because his son, Nick, just returned from active duty in Iraq.

This Veteran's Day serves as reminder to all of us that there are ...

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Half the Sky!

  • Friday, November 6, 2009
  • Evelyn Gibson
  • Insights

It's a title that comes from a Chinese proverb:  "Women hold up half the sky."  It's also a remarkable book by the Pulitzer prize winning author, Nicholas Kristof:  Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

It was my privilege to hear Nicholas this week at a lecture series in Newport Beach.  Half the Sky isn't easy reading.  Nicholas Kristof says that the moral challenge of this century is "the brutality inflicted on so many women and girls around the globe:  sex trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnings and mass rape."  And story after story illustrates ...

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What Is Your Favorite Work by C.S. Lewis?

Check out Update for what others have said.

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Billy Graham Celebrates His 91st Birthday!

Bill Graham (Houston Crusade 1965)What's Your Billy Graham Story?

 "I am a native of Jamaica, and I remember as a little girl I used to listen to you on the radio. I enjoyed every moment of it. I am now 48-years-old and living in the USA. I have continued to listen to you. I believe that as a child, God allowed you to plant seeds in me because now Jesus is my Lord and Savior. My life belongs to Him. God bless you for your ministry and for the dedication that you gave into it. I pray for your ministry and for your ...

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