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RESOLVE--in the world . . . not of it!

How can Christian students live in this broken-down world, filled with sin and distractions at every turn, and not compromise?  Is it even possible?

This is the question posed to students aged 12-18 during a weekend conference presented by Transform Student Ministries, the generational equipping of Precept Ministries International®. 

This conference will be held December 4-6 at the ministry's headquarters in Chattanooga.  It's an opportunity for students to learn Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method, bringing them into a direct engagement with Scripture.

Transform Student Ministries' conference is the only one that puts middle and high school students into the Bible for themselves where they search God's Word for real answers to real problems.

Almost 40 years ago, Kay & Jack Arthur founded Precept Ministries as a resource for youth and I'm grateful that they continue this outreach today, offering events like this to help young people discover Truth for themselves!

Click here to download the December Promo Packet for "Precepts For Life."

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Jennifer Perez

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