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Making a List...Checking It Twice!

Christmas ListI'm a big fan of lists!  They help keep my increasingly scattered brain organized.  Santa has one, I have one, and I'm sure you do as well.  

I'll  keep this short because I know your list is long, but I'm hoping that close to the top of your list is getting and airing "Telling the Great Story of Christmas" presented by HAVEN Today.

  • Your listeners will hear a woven tapestry of Scripture reading, reflection, and 13 of their favorite Christmas songs... pointing us to God's great love for us in sending His Son Jesus.
  • Long on music, Short on talk
  • 54 minutes - Stereo
  • Hard 3 minute covered break at 28:00 (Covered by an Extra HAVEN Song)
  • 2 minute covered breaks at 14:20 and 40:52 (Covered by Extra HAVEN Songs
  • Points people to Jesus and calls them to faith in Him -It's posted on the Ambassador FTP site at ftp://ftp.ambassadoradvertising.com. It's in the "specials" folder under HAVEN/ Christmas -I can also send it to you over Amb-OS

Once you've decided to air it, if you hurry and let me know what time(s) you'll be playing it (make sure you include your call letters, tag line, and local time) I'll have Charles record a custom promo for you.

Author: Robert Jacobsen

P.S. You can download the November Music Info below

Download Promo Pack File »

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