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The best Christmas gift ever!

Mercy Ships® BabyTomorrow I head out to Arizona to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws for my first time.  Carolyn and I have some fun gifts to give away to the family, but I don't think any of them compare to the gift Mercy Ships® has given 67,219 individuals and their families - a healthier body and a reason to smile!  The Africa Mercy volunteer staff has performed a total of 97,625 procedures in Benin in 2009 where health care is virtually non-existent!

Click here to see an interesting report on the "miracles" that Mercy Ships® has performed. 

Mercy Ships® has another reason to celebrate this Christmas season - A new website! Why don't you take a minute to listen to Don share a wonderful Christmas story in the "Mercy Minute" blog

Mercy Ships® New Website"Merry Christmas" on behalf of the Mercy Ships® Team and all of us at Ambassador! Jesus is the reason that these wonderful men and women are in Africa with Mercy Ships®, serving the needy and broken.  I pray that you will have a blessed time remembering how God gave us the most precious gift we could ever wish for this season!


Kiyong Kim

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