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Born Christmas Day 1931

Christmas is the anniversary of our Savior's birth and of the first missionary radio station:  Radio Station HCJB.

Radio Station HCJB launched December 25, 1931The station's call letters, HCJB, were chosen by the founders to reflect its ultimate purpose of "Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessings." HCJB, "The Voice of the Andes," aired its first program from Quito, Ecuador, on Dec 25, 1931.

Radio Station HCJB was the first missionary radio station in the world, as well as the first radio station in Ecuador with daily programs. The radio ministry had a rather humble beginning since there were perhaps as few as 13 radios capable of receiving its first broadcasts.

With the addition of a 10,000-watt transmitter in 1940, designed and built by Clarence Moore, Radio Station HCJB was able to send the station's English and Spanish programs far beyond Latin America. Soon the station was receiving letters from listeners around the world.

Radio Station HCJB Today

On Friday, Radio Station HCJB will celebrate its 78th Christmas.  "This year more people were telling us that they aren't Christians, but that they listen to the station all the time," said Luis Mora, HCJB-2's station manager in Guayaquil. "This is exciting because it means we are going back to our roots to once again be a missionary radio station."

"I accepted the Lord through listening to the radio many years back. Now I am a leader in the Quichua Church and I learn God's word daily by radio with the program Quillcachishcata Rigsina (Thru the Bible in Quichua) and other programs. For me it is such a blessing to have the Word of God in my own language, thank you very much and may you continue in your work..."

--Listener who works on strawberry plantations

HCJB Global Today

What started as a radio station has grown into a ministry that broadcasts the gospel in more than 120 languages and dialects around the world. 

"HCJB Global's desire is to integrate discipleship with practical tools to equip the growing church around the world and see lives transformed."

Many of the stories of transformed lives are captured and shared with audiences in the U.S. through HCJB Global's daily 1:00 broadcast "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline.

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary Radio Station HCJB!

Katie Burke

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Thanks, Katie, for telling the past and present story. Very nicely done.


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