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What's Peace On Earth? Jim Garlow Explains!

Jim GarlowI know the holidays have really begun when Christmas Carols become a regular part of my life (I don't count any that I hear before Thanksgiving though). Not a year goes by that I don't end up singing "Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild...God and sinners reconciled." While culture usually drops the latter part of that phrase, Peace on Earth seems to have become a mantra during the holidays. Believers and unbelievers alike regale the season with this slogan, but what is peace? Is it no violence...or total agreement? What about just letting everyone do their own thing?

That's a difficult question when you consider world affairs, broken relationships, and all the evil that is perpetrated. You may find yourself thinking that peace isn't even possible on this earth...or at least having no idea what it would look like if it were possible. Exploring what genuine, biblical peace is, Jim Garlow takes this theologically deep concept and puts it into every day terms. Especially in a culture that seems to have lost site of the true definition, I can't think of a better topic for Jim to speak into this Christmas!

As you and your family gather this year, I hope you can take time to share together what the Peace of Christ looks like in your lives and how 2010 will be a year that you'll share that news with others. This year hasn't been an easy one for most of us...and I can't think of anything better to give this holiday season that the true meaning of the Season. Share about the Prince of Peace!

From all of us at Ambassador and the team at The Garlow Perspective, may you have a truly joyous and peaceful Christmas celebration!

Author: Carolyn Kim

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