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Plasma give-away a hit at NRB!

People will go to any length to assure a win! One station rep went so far as to "announce" the drawing for Ambassador's plasma give-away for the wrong day--hoping to ward off the competition!

As the crowd of eager "hopefuls" gathered on Tuesday for the big moment--the first card was drawn and read--"The winner is. . .Heide Jones from HCJB Global!" But according to rules of the drawing--you have to be there to win and Heide was in meetings elsewhere.

After drawing two more "no-shows"--the winner was Jeff and Rachael Bean from WCRH in Hagerstown, Maryland where Jeff is General Manager.

Jeff's smiling face--shown here with Peggy and Jim--says it all! (And they were able to squeeze it into their Suburban!) Congratulations Jeff and Rachael!

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