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Five Communication Myths. . .an incomplete list!

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

--George Bernard Shaw

Shaw's quote is #1 in my personal list of communication "myths"; that somehow because I said it, wrote it, and/or sent it-I've actually communicated successfully. 

Of everything you receive in a day-how much of it do you do anything about?  How much of it is "spamed!"

#2:  because it was sent, it's been read

When will you get around to reading what's in today's "in-box?"  How much of it will you delete without reading it at all?

#3:  longer is better

It may be-if  "longer" means you've captivated my attention and I want to keep reading.  If not, length is of no consequence except to the author!

There's a corollary myth that says, "I've got the space-might as well fill it up!"

#4:  shorter is better

Often shorter IS better-if you only need a few words to deliver your message.  The truth is, longer messages, well written, and in the appropriate media, often draw more response.

#5:  any effort to communicate is better than nothing

You might want to rethink your premise.  You may not get a second chance.

If "to communicate" is the act of transmitting information; a thought, or a feeling so that it's satisfactorily received and understood-consider just how well you're doing!  It could be the difference between being ignored, or getting the results for which you'd hoped.


Great article! Really like the opening quote. We sure are prone to make assumptions. :-)

Great article, Ev! How many times when trying to fix a problem, we go back and research the steps that led to the problem. And our research shows us that if "communication" had actually taken place and if all parties "understood the communication" we would have never had a problem in the first place.

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