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Let's Go!

"Let's go!"  With that closing challenge from Al Sanders to each of us at Ambassador in today's staff devotions, we were treated from Jude with the words of Michael the Archangel!  In this stimulating study (to say the least!)-we were reminded dramatically of what happened when Lot's wife decided to "turn around-to look back."

As I watched and listened and wrote some personal notes to myself from today's study-I also observed Al's message as an incredible tutorial in presentation:

  • he began and ended on time
  • he was thoroughly prepared
  • he used illustrations, stories, humor and information to captivate our attention
  • he used drama to keep our attention focused
  • he looked us in the eye; at one point directly addressing our staff member who joins us via the Internet

So. . .what are we waiting for! "Let's go!"


I miss those devotions!! Highlight of the week!

Al is always a wonderful encourager!

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