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Rejecting Apathy!

Never before in the history of our nation has it been more important for Christains to act on their convictions. I was reminded of what a pivitol point it is for American when Chuck Colson recently shared on a BreakPoint® Comentary:

"If we value our liberties, if we believe in the most fundamental principles upon which our civilization is based, then we owe it to our God and to future generations to speak out." 

There's a lot going on in government right now that's especially critical for believers. When I think of conscious clause for medical professionals being removed-so that they can no longer hold to their religious convictions and practice their expertise, I'm reminded that it's not only important to act now ...it's vital for our nation!

It's not too late to see change...and it's definitely not impossible. In the close of the commentary, Chuck shared:

"Institutions aren't going to change the course of America; but great movements have changed the course of the nation and will again. And what better network to fuel a movement than the Church?

Rejecting apathy and trusting in God, firm in our belief in human dignity and our God-given liberties, the Church can ignite a fire in this country."

That would be incredible to see!

Take a moment to leave a comment and let us know how you and your station are rejecting apathy and engaging the culture in this pivotal time in history!

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