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What Has Tolerance Done to America?

Here’s what one 93-year old woman thinks as she responded to an online column at the Deseretnews.com:



For the past 30 years, no virture has been more praised in these columns than "tolerance."  In the same time period, no attictude has been more condemned than "intolerance."  It is time to take a look at what "tolerance" has done to America. 


We have tolerated every kind of slovenly dress and have become a nation of slobs.  We have tolerated every kind of sexual behavior and reaped a harvest of deadly disease, unwed mothers and fatherless children.  We have tolerated every kind of greed in business and in our elected officials and now we have an economic nightmare. 


Isn't it time to express our "intolerance" of these things?



What do you think?  As a Christian, how should we respond?  Are we to be more tolerant people, especially to those who reject Christianity?


John MacArthur's new bookOn "Grace to You®" in September, John MacArthur  answers these questions as he looks at the bold, often brazen, approach Jesus took in dealing with false teachers.  It’s a side of Jesus many people are not comfortable with, yet is the very characteristic we are to embrace—something John believes is lacking in the church today.


By the way, The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, a new book from John MacArthur, further underscores the fierceness of our Savior when confronting lies and protecting the truth of God.  Find out more about the book and other valuable resources at GTY.org.


For a complete list of messages from Grace to You® this month, go here.


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