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Goose fat or lemonade? You decide!

When I think of fund raising, I normally think of car washes, lemonade stands, or even concerts.  Chris Williamson, a Swiss lawyer, had a different idea!  Adopting a nautical theme to his cause, he and a team of 3 other friends swam the English channel, crossing from England to France!  This goose fat covered, Speedo wearing team has raised nearly $6,500 for Mercy Ships®!

I'll be the first one to say that swimming for nearly 14 hours isn't my ideal way to raise funds! Thankfully, there are other ways! Pastor Rob and his 38 Vacation Bible School kids aimed to raise $1,000 for a water sanitation project with Mercy Ships®. After many washed cars, thirst quenched with cold lemonade and extra chores around the house performed, they were able to raise a total of $1,431!  With the help of a generous donor, who more than matched the funds raised, Mercy Ships® is now able to drill one clean water-well in Liberia!

Whether it's goose fat or lemonade, these passionate individuals worked hard to bring hope and healing to the sick and poor through our dear friends at Mercy Ships® I'd love to hear your fun and wild fund-raising stories in our comments section! 

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