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Amb-OS Going Worldwide

With over 94% of Americans being reached via radio on a weekly basis, programmers internationally are searching for reliable and cost-effective methods to use air-waves to reach local communities. For many, the lack of satellite availability has been a hindrance. But with the latest advances from Amb-OS Media, that obstacle will be a thing of the past.

"The AMR-100 will be able to be deployed anywhere in the world that has Internet access.  For many months now, we've been successfully beta testing this next phase of the AMR-100 software development," said Jim Sanders, president of Amb-OS Media.

A joint effort that drastically changed Christian Radio technology, Ambassador Advertising Agency and Focus on the Family pursued getting Amb-OS technology to Christian radio stations across the United States beginning July 2008.

12 months after the launch, there are now over 600 radio stations and networks utilizing the option to receive over 230 broadcasts and seven live streams via the Amb-OS unit.

"We've been extremely pleased with the feedback from our station partners. We're continuing to make improvements to the technology, taking the units international very soon. This will not only serve ministries better as they continue to expand to other countries, but it will better serve remote stations who do not have satellite access," said Sanders.

Allowing stations to use the latest technology available, the AMR-100 unit "self-cleans" by removing older programs, as well as "back-filling" missing satellite transmitted packets, making it more reliable for programmers. This is especially useful for international locations that operate on different time zones and are not always in a position to contact the origin of the program should problems arise before airing.


I am so excited about what God is doing through new media. In a recent visit to meet with our partners across Europe they stressed that it was their ability to deliver content with excellence that is opening hearts and minds of their people. People in their region determine whether to listen to "Christian messaging" based on 'does it resonate with quality' like they hear from the world. Now they have a "comparative message" to consider.

Because of the AmbOS system, we are able to bring quality Christian programming behind the walls of the prison systems. Most prisons are in remote areas and cannot receive quality stations with the little receivers they sell in the commissary. The AmbOS is the reason we are able to do this! What a blessing you are to a forgotten people.

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