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1,050 Radios Strong

1,050 Cambodian families who hadn't been able to hear local Christian broadcasts will soon hold their very own SonSet® radio from HCJB Global.

How did this happen?  You take one radio station (KPOF/Denver, CO), listener pledges ($35 buys one radio) and a ministry (HCJB Global) committed to reach those in remote places of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ron Cline and GM Jack Pelon

Above, Ron Cline ("Beyond the Call") talks to KPOF's GM Jack Pelon about HCJB Global's Turn the Radios On project.  Since 2001 over 27,000 SonSet® radios have been sent all over the world through HCJB Global.  Over 100,000 radios have been requested through Turn the Radios On, and many more are needed.

I often take for granted that I can press a button to turn on a radio to a number of quality Bible teaching programs.  Its testimonies from countries around the world that put our conveniences into perspective - like this letter from India:

"I heard both your programs by chance! They were so well done I could not switch off the radio. I was born with sight, but someone put acid in my eyes when I was very young. I lost my eyesight though my father tried his best with doctors. I have a big family, but no one cares. I am 50 years of age, I live with my sister-in-law who is 75 years old. I can't read or write, and I can't learn Braille. I was waiting for someone to come and help me write a letter. Then I thought, 'Let me see, if I can call the number I have recorded, maybe I can talk to someone.' Thank you for taking my call, I am a non-Christian, but I would like to know more about Christ. I have a shortwave radio. Please send more information about your regular programs."

Let's continue to go "Beyond the Call" for listeners like these!  For September program titles, click here.

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