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Sounds like a phrase from the '80s but it's what comes to mind as I read story after story of lives being radically changed after learning how to study the Bible inductively!

Kay ArthurThis is Kay Arthur's passion and why Precept Ministries exists - to establish people in God's Word, helping them discover Truth for themselves.

It's something that isn't found in today's self-help books, something that won't tickle the ears but satisfies the soul, something that is difficult-no, impossible-but for which God supplies the power and the joy.

Something radical!

I'd love to hear how you've gone radical, growing closer to God through the personal study of His Word.

For a complete list of Kay's teaching on "Precepts For Life" in September, go here.

Also, this is the time when local Precept classes are starting up.  Click here to find one in your area!

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