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The Universal Language Called Love & Mercy

I was shocked when I searched for "Mercy Ships®" in Google Trends, a search utility providing interesting information of different words searched globally.  I expected for the majority of the searches made for "Mercy Ships®" to be in theWater United States, but I was wrong!  The United States ranked 9th, behind countries like South Africa (1st), New Zealand (2nd) and Netherlands (3rd). 

As I looked at the rankings, I realized just how small my world was, and how I assumed everyone else had to fit into my tiny perspective! Of course Mercy Ships® has an international presence! In fact, when you first go to mercyships.org, you are presented with 14 different country website options, spanning over Asia, Europe, Africa and North America!  How could I forget that Mercy Ships® has such a global outlook and vision? 

The stories that we hear in "The Mercy Minute®" also reflect this worldwide perspective! Don shares with us stories from China, Africa and our own backyard, here in the United States, challenging me to change the world by showing compassion and mercy.

Christ's death and resurrection is the greatest act of mercy and grace the world has ever known, or ever will know!  As followers of Christ, we are commissioned to impact the world with both the saving message of the Gospel and brotherly love! Mercy Ships® does just that! A poem written by an English-speaking patient on the Africa Mercy, Prince Eddie Daniels, describes the beautiful work of the Mercy Ships® volunteers in his poem entitled "angels amongst the sons of men".  Each of us, daily have opportunities to be a living gospel presentation to our friends, co-workers, neighbors... and everyone else we come in contact with!  Why don't you provide your listeners with ideas of how to be a vessel of mercy by encouraging them to listen to "The Mercy Minute®!" 


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